Тop 7 inexpensive Holmes air purifiers reviews

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867 – 1957)

Air purifiers are used to remove pollutants and particles in the air. The airborne pollutants comprise pollen, dust mold and bacteria. Holmes has an air cleaner manufacturer who sells console, desktop and tower models.

They “department store air purifiers” are second in the entry-level segment behind Honeywell. Honeywell brand, but they maintain substantial market share.

Holmes creates two air purifier models – those that have the True HEPA filter as well as ones equipped with a similar HEPA filter with a cheaper price.

Its Holmes air purifiers reviews of air purifiers and buying guides is brimming with the top Holmes model air purifiers. It’s a compilation of our expertly selected best images from popular categories. The list lets you quickly select an Holmes model, then purchase it, and move going with your life. It can improve almost every place in your home. You can read more about the Air Purifier Placement Guide.

If you’d like more information are available, you can read them on the Holmes air purifiers reviews. If you are looking for reviews of other products such as Whirlpool Air Purifier, SilverOnyx Air Purifier, iWave air purifier, and other Dehumidifier and Air Purifiers can be found in other articles.

The critiques are followed by comprehensive Holmes Air Purifier Buying Guide which includes information on each of Holmes’ two main models of air purifiers.

What is the process by which the holmes air purifier  function?

The Holmes Air Purifier Range Explained

  • desktop air purifiersAs you’ll probably know from the name, these are made to be placed on tables or desks. They’re small, affordable and suitable for a small space. If you’re looking to purify the air in your bedroom or office We can’t suggest them enough. We generally recommend the use of these in rooms that are that are 155 square feet or less.
  • Console Air Purifiers:
  • They are great for large spaces and rooms. They make minimal noise, even at higher speeds which means that they will not disrupt the conversation or television working, etc. We recommend these for rooms of up in size to 500 square feet.
  • Tower Air Purifiers:
  • Towers are available in a variety of sizes, from small ones that cover up to 180 square feet, to larger models that can cover up to 418 square feet.

Holmes does not currently provide air purification systems to the entire house, but. Holmes’ air purifiers work effectively, drawing in the contaminated air through the grill inlet.

Certain models will have an washable pre-filter that captures larger airborne particles. The air is then passed across the filter which eliminates or reduces the smell and captures any bigger particles that might have made it through the initial filter.


How often do you change your how often to change the air filter of holmes

Holmes is the most popular choice. Holmes is the security of a replacement filter. Holmes air purifiers utilize an array of modular filters.A particular type of filter is suited to the air purifiers in a set and may also be comprised of Bionaire models, double or tripling one filter in order to suit each subsequent air purifier.

The gaps where two filters meet are typically difficult to seal, particularly when users who are not experienced must install the filters frequently.

These gaps are often open to let air that isn’t filtered through the purifier’s air. The weak prefiltering system allows large dust particles to block HEPA filters rapidly inside HEPA filters quickly in Holmes or Bionaire Air purifiers. Buyers need to be aware of the significant distinction in performance in filtering between HEPA-type and true-HEPA air purifiers.

True HEPA filters are able to capture 99.97 percent from .3 micron particle size. Common HEPA filters can be classified for particles that are several times greater, up to 2.0 microns. It is important to note the fact that 2.0 micron filters are extremely beneficial for people suffering from mold allergies and pollen because mold spores and pollen are large enough to be able to be absorbed with the similar HEPA filter.

People with less triggers for allergies or smokers are usually less than happy with Holmes HEPA purifiers.

HEPA filters of the type described above, as well as True-HEPAs that are installed too loosely could allow dust particles to pass through the edges of the filter (bypassing) and slowly build-up within the air purifier, eventually turning it into an polluter.To stop this from happening, customers should be prepared to wash the insides part of the purifier approximately once every 6 months.

Does your Holmes air purifier noisy?

Air purifiers from companies that aren’t reputable can create quite a lot of sound. It might not seem like something to worry about when you’re trying your best to work or engage in a conversation and all you’re thinking about is the irritating background music it’s creating. Holmes models are renowned for their silence which means that this isn’t ever a problem.

Affixing your air purifier to the right spot might appear to be a simple task, however if you set it in the corner, that’s not the place it should be. The majority of units perform best when they are placed in the central area or the center of the room. Ionic models, for instance, require 360-degree circulation to disperse Ions throughout the room.

HEPA as well as carbon purifiers are able to be placed at least a few feet of the wall.

How long will Holmes filters last?

The warranty plays a major aspect of this, since it’s a great way to know how long your air purifier can be likely to last. Your warranty should last sufficient to ensure that you don’t need to be concerned about any accidents that could cause you to pay more or create a hassle. We appreciate Holmes for the fact that Holmes will always keep their customers secure by offering extended warranties.




Weight: 5 pounds

Power: 120v

Warranty: 3-year limited

Type of filter: HEPA

Label: Best for Allergies

Holmes provides an interesting approach to their air purifiers, the egg-shaped purifier on their desktop. This design is as effective as it is fascinating. It’s a great accessory to your desktop and also cleans the air around you while doing so.

This model utilizes HEPA-type filtration to get rid of 99 percent of all dust, smoke as well as pollen, bacteria and odors from the air. The model is made up of circular filters that are naturally found in Holmes Aer1 Series filters. Holmes Aer1 Series Filters.

As with the other models of the models, this one is equipped with three different speeds. The lowest speed is the quietest and least opulent, the highest level creates a noticeable noise in the room, however it does its job well to purify the air.

To make this deal more interesting the model includes a new feature: a night light. It is able to clean and serve as an illumination source for long evenings when you are in front of your computer.

The monitoring of the filter will alert you when it is time to replace the filter. Do not underestimate this air purifier’s capacity and capacity; it is able to handle a space of up to 150 sq. feet. The model is covered by a 3 year warranty on any problems or returns and replacements.

  • Attractive aesthetic appeal
  • Alert for filter monitors when the filter is dirty
  • Three different speeds
  • Night light included
  • Filter for this item is harder to find than standard filters

Pro Tip

If someone in your family suffers from allergies to airborne pollutants it is an excellent option.


Weight: 6 pounds

Power: 120v

Warranty: 3-year limited

Filter Type: HEPA/ ionizer

Label: Best Small Unit

It’s a smaller choice that is perfect for offices and desks. If you have a small room it is all you require is this purifier to keep the air in your room free of dust. The filtration system inside this purifier is a HEPA type. It is able to remove mold spores, odorsand dust, pollen smoke, dust and other particles that are as small as 2 microns. This model works to Holmes Aer1 Series Filters.

There are three speeds you can alter your purifier to. The most basic speed is quiet and peaceful. The top speed is the most thorough in cleaning the air once you’re gone and allows you to relax to breathe in fresh air.

The air purifier is effective in a horizontal or vertically. This piece will fit at your desk more easily. The model comes with the possibility of turning on an ionizer for greater performance. Again switching on the ionizer can result in an increase in the volume of the hum. As with other Holmes models, this desktop air purifier comes with an alarm system that alerts you when it is time to change the filter.

  • Three different speed levels
  • Dual positioning allows for a more comfortable place on the desk
  • Optional Ionizer Setting
  • Alert system to detect dirty filters
  • Lifespan of short-lived

Pro Tip

If you’re in search of an air purifier for your workplace or in a smaller home space the one you’re looking at is worth a look.



Dimensions 22.84 inches by 10.24 inches. 20.87 inches

Weight: 19.42 pounds

Power: 120v

Warranty: 5-year limited

Label: Best for Small Spaces

The air purifier that is sized for a console utilizes HEPA-type filters. It doesn’t have Ionizers, but it does have a variety of options. With the HEPA filtering system, this air purifier can remove any smells, bacteria, dust smoke, pollen, and odors that remain within the air.

These replacement filters can be found in HAPF600D and HAPF60U3. There are three distinct HEPA filters that are inside this purifier.

The unit doesn’t have three, but instead 4 different speeds to set to. From moderate to low, then high and then a specially Ture HEPA filter which allows for the continuous and quiet performance. The model is equipped with an indicator light that can indicate whether your filter has become dirty, and requires replacing.

It covers up to 350 square feet This air purifier comes with an aesthetically pleasing design, which means it occupies no space and doesn’t bother anyone when it’s working. Instead of a three-year limited warranty the model extended this offer to a 5 year warranty that covers all exchanges or returns which are required.

  • Four different speeds to choose from
  • The LED indicator alerts you that your filter is dirty
  • Slim design that takes up less space
  • Very loud

Pro Tip

If you’re looking for a compact living space and want an efficient unit which is also quiet, this model is the perfect one for you.



Dimensions 17.7 inches x 9.3 inches. 18.7 inches

Weight: 19 pounds

Power: 110-120v

Warranty: 5-year limited

Labe: Best for Pets

The Holmes air purifier is designed for those who want to remove allergens from their air. This HEPA purifier is able to do all it can to make sure that nothing is absorbed into the air that triggers allergies like pet dander, dust, pollen and bacteria of every kind. It gets rid of 9.97 percent of the particles floating within the atmosphere.

The improved Arm and Hammer filter used in this air purifier aids in removing the majority, if not all household odors, which can disrupt the peaceful peace. The console purifier model is equipped with a digital screen that shows the four speed settings. The model also has an automatic timer that shows the length of time you would like it to run, and also when you’re ready to switch on. The function is automatically turned on the purifier, and then runs it for 16 hours.

The air purifier features an alert system to notify you those times when the filter has to be replaced. The model air purifier is able to manage rooms of up to up to 256 square feet. The filters that are required to change are identical to those employed for the Holmes Large 4-Speed True HEPA Air Purifier The HAPF600-U2 and the HAPF60-U3. Inside, the purifier has two HEPA and two carbon filters.

The model is slim in appearance, so you can place it on the wall so that it does not take up too much space. It is possible to place the air purifier either vertically or horizontally.

  • Dual Positioning
  • Four different speeds to choose from
  • Timer to indicate the length you’d like the purifier to run for.
  • Alert system to modify filter
  • Very loud

Pro Tip

If you have a home with allergy sufferers , as well as pets that shed and hair that sheds, this model is a good option.



Weight: 5.86 pounds

Power: 120v

Warranty: 3-year limited

Filter Type: HEPA/ionizer

Label: Best Heavy Duty

This desktop filter makes a wonderful accessory for your bedroom or office. It is equipped with the HEPA filtering system that eliminates all smoke, dust and odors, pollen and spores, pet dander and even bacteria. It is able to filter particles that are as small as 2 millimeters. It utilizes Aer1 filters. You can purchase substitutes for Holmes Aer1 Series Filters.

The purifier is available in three levels that you can choose from, starting with the quietest and lowest to the highest which does an extremely heavy job when it is in use. The desktop model is able to be set up horizontally or vertically to be able to perform at its peak. It’s best in rooms with around 110 square feet.

The model comes with an ionizer option for better performance. It also means that your unit can be more loud when you activate this option.

  • Three different speed levels
  • Dual-positioning
  • Optional Ionizer
  • Loud
  • A short-lived life span

Pro Tip

If you’re on the move all day long and would like an air purifier that will clean the air during your absence Then this model is a great choice. It’s powerful, however it’s a bit too loud which makes it ideal for people who work all day.



Weight: 6.9 pounds

Power: 110v

Warranty: Not specified.

Filter Type: HEPA/ionizer

Label: Best for Smokers

This tower is perfect for rooms that are large, such as master bedrooms, living rooms or lounges as well as dining rooms. It can remove particles of as little in size as two micron. This includes smoke, dust and pet dander, odors pollen, and bacteria. The majority of particles that are swept through are eliminated by the atmosphere.

The filter that is used in this air purifier comes one from Arm and Hammer and improves the efficiency significantly. This filter assists in eliminating at least a majority of the smells that linger in the space. The alternative setting for an ionizer can help get rid of any particles that are not needed from the space.

This tower purifier model has three speeds. The lower settings are more quiet and cleaner with a slower speed. The most powerful setting can cause some hum but it’s much more effective and quicker. This tower is capable of handling rooms as large as that is 120 sq. feet.

The monitor for filters will inform that you are in the process of changing your filter. is required to be replaced. The filters that you are able to modify on this model come from the Holmes Aer1 series, namely Holmes HAPF300D or Holmes.

  • Arm and Hammer filter enthuses the elimination of smells
  • Optional Ionizer Setting
  • Three different speed levels
  • Filter alert system
  • Loud and rattles

Pro Tip

If you or another person smokes in your home, or have pets that dander, this model is perfect to tackle the issue and making sure the air is as fresh as is possible, while also eliminating smells.

Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier

Best for Small Spaces
Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier

Coverage Area: up to 80 sq ft

Filtration Type: 2

Filtration Life: Every 4 to 12 months

Noise Level: 30 dB (low) 55 dBa (high)

Air Quality Sensor: No

Our most-loved Holmes mini room purifier comes the next item which is ideal when you require a product that covers less than 80 square feet. Its Holmes Mini Tower is incredibly compact, and offers great performance and a simple operation. The slim design of the tower is perfect for those who are limited in space, but it is stylish wherever you put it.

You get the most effective HEPA filtering, in addition to an anti-odorizer, allergen removal carbon filter, as well as HEPA-type. Together, they get rid of foul odors, and eliminate pollutants as small as microns as small as 2 microns, and 0.3 microns. This means that dust, pollen and dander, smoking cigarettes, staleness and much more will be an issue of the past. To get the best the results, you also have the option of an ionizer as in the earlier model. The air you breathe will not only better for your lungs, but you will also feel healthier and fresher!

Three speeds are available for you to pick from. We suggest that you choose the lowest speed when you’re in your home, and the highest speed in the event that you’re not. You might have noticed that higher speeds produce more sound. Due to the low-vibration engine and the advanced design of fan blades even level 3 isn’t too noisy. If you want the least amount of ambient noise while focused on your work or other job, then the lower setting is the ideal.

To give you security For added peace of mind, the Holmes private space purifier is covered by an extended warranty of 5 years to guarantee proper operation for many the years to be.

  • Various filters
  • 3 different speeds
  • Optional Ionizer
  • Compact design
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Not ideal for larger spaces

It will also be useful for you to know How to clean Holmes air purifier.


Holmes offers an air purifier model that is ideal for any indoor or outdoor space. Holmes gives its users a range of options to choose from its many size models, from those that could be set on top of an area table to other models which can be placed in the unused areas in the space.

They are made to offer quiet performance as well as thorough cleaning to ensure that your indoor area stays thoroughly cleaned. All models on this list utilize HEPA technology to provide the most effective efficiency any air purifier could offer. If you’re using an Holmes air purifier operating within your home you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re getting the top quality air purifier industry can provide.

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