Air Purifier Placement Guide. Where to place air purifier in you’re home?

2 similar air purifiers can have a totally different effect on indoor air quality.

All it boils to the location you put your air purifier.

So, where to place air purifier?

The general rule is that it is possible to improve the effectiveness that an air purifier by up to 20% when you choose the right where it is. The most important thing is is that if you place it in the corner or behind a TV and a television, you could be losing more than 50 percent of the total air purifier capacity

A air purifier is an excellent accessory to your home if you’re in search of something to make breathing better. However, many people aren’t sure how to get the most value out of it! They place it on their sofa or tuck it in a corner far away, hoping it’ll work.

This is as efficient as not letting the air purifier unplugged in the basement.

This brief guide will aid in answering questions like:

  • How should you put your air purifier?
  • What’s the most suitable place to set on an air purifier?
  • Where’s the ideal spot to install the air purifier in the bedroom?

This is the best air purifier location for your home.

When we discuss the most suitable spot for the installation of an air purifier here, we look at not just the best location to its air purification capability but as well the comfort of those who live in the home.

Prior to that, before you determine a certain location to place the air purifier, you need to decide where you’ll need to place it.

The most important option is the one that your family members spend the majority of the time The second alternative is for rooms where it is more likely that they will get affected from the spreading of airborne pollutants.

Your living room

Are you and your family frequently at home in your living space?

Many families select their living rooms as the place to put the air purifiers as those are the rooms that the whole family gathers for the majority of the time.

The living rooms can also be places where you can host your guests, which includes smokers as well as other sources of pollution You will need to be aware of your air quality in such locations as well.

The room for your children

Your babies are very vulnerable

In other situations parents may also place the air purifier in the room of their children, especially when they are babies. This is due to the fact that children are susceptible to developing respiratory issues and allergies due to pollutant-laden air due to their weak internal organs as well as immune systems.

The bedroom

Another popular place to install the air purifier is in your bedroom. Based on a quick calculation, just an 8-hour sleeping time means you will spend about one-third of the morning in the bedroom.

It is likely that you could be spending a significant portion all of the day in your bed which makes it the area where you breathe the air you breathe is the best.

Rooms in multiple rooms

In the end, if you notice that you have a lot of rooms that need air purification, purchase many air purifiers or install a entire-house model.

A complete house air purifier can be connected to the air ducts in the existing HVAC system within your home to purify the air throughout every room. But, it will require expert installation and will cost you around a few hundred dollars.

Helpful Tips For Placing Your Air Purifier

1. Place the Air Purifier Beside the Source of the Odor

The air purifier should be placed near the areas where the concentration of pollutants is highest. A air quality specialist would usually utilize the air quality monitor to measure where pollutants are present abundantly present.

molding walls and air bourne mold sporesMolding wall in an older New York apartment. It is sensible to put the air purifier near the source of pollution (mold in this instance).

But, we don’t require any special assistance here. We all can utilize our senses to figure out which areas of air pollutants is the highest. It is possible to use:

  • Your eyes: The effects of pollutants like smoke and mold will be readily evident. Install the air purifier for mold near the area of the infestation to get greater outcomes. Install the air purifier for smoke near the area where you smoke. If you’re using the strong Blueair air purifiers against wildfire smoke then move them closer to windows through which the fire is gaining access to your home.
  • Your nose’s odor: Odor or unpleasant odors in the air are a clear indication of a high level of unwelcome air pollutants such as tobacco smoke or oil smoke.
  • Your allergic reaction Are you experiencing allergies more often you’re in your bedroom than the kitchen? It’s a clear indication that the amount of allergens is greater when you sleep. Take note: Alen BreatheSmart is a new series that includes air purifiers, specially designed to enhance sleep quality. Alen are among the finest designed air purifiers.

If it is placed near to the areas with the highest risk (with less indoor air quality), the air purifier can improve air quality quickly.

2.Keep the air purifier close to the source of the smell! Keep Coverage Area in Mind

It’s quite simple however, it’s important to note that it’s important.

Be sure to keep the air purifier’s area of coverage at the forefront when you decide the best place to put the device! If your air purifier can only clean 100 square feet of space, it’s probably not a great option to place it in a massive basement.

The same applies on the reverse side (although it’s not as harmful in this method). In the event that you’re air purifier has a coverage area of 1100 square feet, you shouldn’t place the unit in your room!

Think about putting it in a place with more space so you can make the most the most

It’s crucial to ensure that the area of coverage for your air purifier to the space you’re placing it in, which will increase its effectiveness of it.

3. Avoid Corners & Tight Spaces

and almost all air purifiers, the air intake is located in the front vents of the device. In order to help your air purifier do its job, it is important to be wary of placing it in a corner, or the unit behind your couch or television.

The place where the majority of people make mistakes.

They believe they can air purifiers can be stuck in a corner, yet work flawlessly! Sure it’s possible that they could work, and the air purifier might work. However, it’s not anywhere near its maximum efficiency!

It is necessary to place your air purifier in an open space.

I’m not suggesting that you create the air purifier the centerpiece of your living space! (Unless you absolutely enjoy it. )

Be sure that you ensure that the air purifier has at least one foot of space at the back, sides as well as sides and on top! This will allow it to absorb and take care of the smells and bacterial odors in your house rather than the smells that are a mess in the space in your living room!

4. Air Purifiers Work Best Alone

Have you been told: ” If you want it done right you have to do it yourself.” So you know what?

Air purifiers are based solely on the basis of this sentiment! They’re not really a good match with other air purifiers.

In the event that you believe it will be beneficial to open Windows and doors order in order to “let in some fresh air” it’s really not helping to do so. What it’s actually doing is eliminating all the work that the air purifier is trying to accomplish.

By opening windows or doors, you’re opening up air from outside which has particles that which the air purifier is actively trying to remove. Imagine you’re trying to empty your tub using an empty bucket, while the water is still flowing You continue to scoop out the water but it will not empty!

That’s what you’re performing to your air purifier by opening the windows! Keep in mind that the majority of particles are unable to see with ordinary eyes However, dust and pollen particles will certainly be hurrying to enter our homes when they get the opportunity.

5. Use It as a Security Guard or Put it Near The Doorway

By placing it your air purifier near a doorway in a different room the air purifier will be filtering out any irritating or harmful particles before they get into the room!

For instance, Consider that you’re allergic to cats however, you have two cats in your home. Installing the air purifier by the doorway leading to your bedroom will keep the cat’s odors, hairs, and dander from getting into your bedroom! Its air purifier will act almost as a security guard at the bar, and will kick them out before they gain entry!

The only thing you need to do is ensure the front of your house is in the opposite direction of the room you’re in. In case you’re experiencing a difficult picturing this, walk to your bedroom’s doorway and turn your back to your bedroom.

Your back facing the direction of your face is the place you’ll want to place at the air purifier! If you’re unable to understand my rambling explanation, here’s a short diagram I created using MSPaint!

 where to place air purifier It is a point is vital to remember when you’re purchasing the air purifier to be used in a baby’s bedroom or the nursery!

6. Make sure to keep the air purifier Away From Small Electronics

Air purifiers, just like other electronic devices, operate with wavelengths. If you put your purifier near other electronics, they could interfere with one another. Purifiers that are reliant on the latest technology are particularly susceptible to interference. It is recommended to provide 5 feet of space between your purifier and other electronic devices.

7. Don’t Put Obstacles In Air Purifier Vicinity (Optimise Airflow)

Get rid of obstacles. The airflow of air purifiers to be unimpeded. air purifier to be unimpeded.

Behind the TV, there is the possibility of a space that is free where you can put the air purifier. Be careful not to succumb to this temptation; an air purifier should have at minimum 3 feet of space across every direction to work at its peak capacity.

Another issue can be found in books. The air purifier improves indoor air quality. It’s normal for people to enjoy reading in the fresh air environment. We could, however, set a pile of books next to the air purifier and thereby impede its ability to provide the most efficient airflow.

In general make sure to provide your air purifier space. The more space you provide it, the simpler and faster it can do its work properly.

8. Avoid Places With High Humidity (Bathroom, Cooking Area)

The higher humidity is a sign of heavier air. A air purifier spells out problems due to:

  1. Air purifier requires more power to make airflow when it is surrounded by heavy air.
  2. Humidity can decrease the effectiveness filtering (especially HEPA filters). These filters use Whirlpool Air Purifier, Holmes air purifiers, SilverOnyx Air Purifier and  other Dehumidifier and Air Purifiers.

There are two areas within our home we believe could not be suitable to install air purifiers:

  1. Kitchen. If we heat water in the kitchen and the humidity rises, it will as well. An air purifier will have a difficult time working correctly. That being said, your dining room is a great place to install an air purifier.
  2. Bathroom. While you shower, the humidity could rise to more than 90 percent. This type of humidity can limit the capabilities of an air purifier to the limit.

Naturally, places that are humid are considered to be a perfect sources of mold. Most often, mold infestations occur within the bathroom.

In such a scenario the use of a dehumidifier could be an ideal solution. It is also possible to combine it with the air purifier when you’re not making use of your bathroom (during the evening, for instance). Be aware that relative humidity must not exceed 50%..

Do you need to keep it all in one location?

No! Air purifiers aren’t heavy enough that they can transport around. So long as you have enough airflow in each room There’s no reason to not transport the air purifier one place to location. If you’re not having a purifier in each space and moving it regularly, moving the purifier is the best way to keep every aspect that comprises the indoor air clean.


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