How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks

Air purifiers have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Anyone who cares about air quality will have a device called an air purifier in their household.

“Every American expects and deserves clean air, and then we act on that belief, then we will set an example for the rest of the world to follow.”
George H.W. Bush

The Holmes air purifiers have proven themselves as top-quality reliable devices.

In this article, we will discuss the maintenance and washing of the air purifier and how to solve the issues that can happen to your Holmes air purifier.

How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks

About Holmes air purifiers

Holmes air purifiers are one of the most popular air purifiers in the United States market. There is a vast majority of different models, so you can choose the one that will suit your needs and budget. They are known for filtering over 99 percent of harmful particles.

Depending on the filter it can focus on filtering dust, pollen, bacteria, or odor. The air purifier filters can be permanent and replaceable. Look further on how to clean your Holmes air purifier depending on the model.

Does an air purifier need to be cleaned?

If you want the air purifier to work as expected, filtering the air in your household air, it must be cleaned frequently, at least every three months. In heavily contaminated areas you will have to wash the purifier more often.

It is crucial for people with allergies or asthma to have an efficiently functioning air purifier to prevent health problems from breathing in air that hasn’t been cleaned.

How do you clean a Holmes purifier?

The process of cleaning the Holmes air purifier is quite simple. You have to perform regular cleaning every few months, change the HEPA filter every half a year and empty the dust collection compartment every couple of weeks.

  1. Start by turning all the device’s functions off to prevent static electricity from accumulating on the surface of the air outlet grill
  2. Pull the power plug out of the electrical outlet
  3. Using a clean damp cloth wipe the dirt off the surface of the device
  4. Once you have finished, switch the air purifier back on

Note that you can use warm water only and stay away from using any household cleaners and other household solvents such as paint thinner, glass cleaner, or furniture polish.

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Can you wash Holmes air purifier filters?

You have to investigate the type of air purifier and the type of filter it comes with. The HEPA filters are positioned as permanent filters. It is advisable not to wash them and proceed straight with replacement. Cleaning will shorten the filter life.

If you are budgeting, there are options for cleaning Holmes air purifier filters. Check out the following guides.

How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks

How to clean Holmes air purifier pre-filters?

The majority of the Holmes air purifiers are sold with a washable foam pre-filter. The purpose of this part of the purifier is to catch bigger particles like cats fur prior to them getting further onto the HEPA filter.

If your air purifier has a pre-filter that can be washed, follow the steps:

  1. Unplug the device
  2. Once you have opened the front cover, pull the pre-filter out
  3. Examine it to determine whether it needs to be washed or not. If it has severe contamination, start washing it
  4. The pre-filter can be immersed in water with a bit of mild liquid dish soap. Using a soft cloth scrape all the dirt off the pre-filter. For difficult hard particles use a soft brush
  5. Rinse out the pre-filter and dry it by placing it on a dish towel
  6. As soon as the pre-filter is ready, it can be inserted back into the air purifier

How to clean Holmes air purifier with a non-washable HEPA filter?

“How to clean Holmes air purifier HEPA filter” is the question that many people ask. The HEPA filters aren’t really permanent filters and will have to be changed in a few months of intense usage. If you are concerned about the quality of the air or it has been three months since you last checked the filter, it is the right moment to do it again.

3 steps to clean the HEPA filter

  1. Switch the device off and disconnect it from the electrical socket
  2. Grab and pull the air-inlet grill so you can reach the HEPA filter
  3. Depending on the amount of dirt on the filter either just shake the filth off or if it has severe contamination, use the vacuum cleaner to collect it

You have to remember to be delicate with HEPA filters. Do not use water or any detergent. The vacuum cleaner has to be used carefully to prevent damage.

How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks

How to clean Holmes air purifier with a Carbon filter?

The activated carbon filter is known to fight odors. It also has to be changed every few months. The manufacturers strongly advise to avoid cleaning the activated carbon filters, but there is a way you can do it without damaging them.

Step 1

Power off the device

Step 2

Take out the pre-filter and then the carbon filter

Step 3

Use a vacuum cleaner and make sure the carbon filter is cleaned from all sides

Step 4

If the contamination is severe, you have to get a new filter

How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks

Why has the purifier stopped working?

If your purifier suddenly stopped responding it could be caused by some reasons.

  • Start with checking the plug point. Ensure the plug is in properly and the socket is working
  • The next thing is to confirm whether the power button is pushed or not
  • Lastly, inspect the air purifier door as it has to be securely fitted

The Holmes air purifier red warning indicator

The red warning indicator lets you know that the HEPA filter has to be changed to a new one. Proceed with replacement. It is important to purchase genuine parts for your air purifier to get the quality and the best performance out of the device.

Once you have inserted the newly bought filter, the resetting of the light has to be done. Locate a small hole underneath the light, press it with a special pin and hold for a few seconds. The light reset will be complete.

The Holmes air purifier orange warning indicator

This light indicates the need for a carbon filter replacement. Once you have inserted a new one back into the compartment, perform the light reset by pressing the tiny button in a hole underneath the light.

The easy way to reset the Holmes air purifier

Whenever you change the filters or take them out for a clean, you have to perform the filter reset. Locate the reset button, push it and wait a couple of seconds. The procedure will be completed after that.

Additional tips

  • Do not forget to disconnect the device from the wall outlet before washing it
  • Never use water for cleaning the actual filters to prevent damage
  • The surface of the air purifier can be wiped with a damp cloth
  • When the air vent has a lot of dirt stuck to it, scrub it off the vent with a brush with soft bristles
  • Both the Carbon and the HEPA filters need a replacement once they are severely dirty
How to clean Holmes air purifier: Tips and tricks


How long can the Holmes Air Purifier be left running?

If you want to constantly breathe clean air, it is recommended to leave the device running for the whole night. For polluted areas it can be left on for 24 hours.

How often do I need to clean Holmes air purifier filters?

As soon as you discover that there is some fluff on your pre-filter, you have to wash it in soapy water. Usually, the pre-filters will have to be cleaned every month.

As for the HEPA filters, it is best to change them, rather than wash them. The average HEPA filter lifespan is around a year. If the filter clean indicator comes up, check the state of the HEPA filter. Perhaps the replacement of the permanent filter will have to happen sooner.

Can the Holmes activated Carbon Filters be cleaned?

Carbon filters have to be changed twice a year. If you opt for the cleaning of the filter rather than replacing it, it has to be done delicately using a vacuum cleaner. Bear in mind it shortens the carbon filters lifespan.

How do I deep clean my air purifier?

To bring up the air purifier’s optimal performance you have to deep clean it regularly. The pre-filter has to be pulled out. Gently hand-wash it in warm soapy water. Use a soft brush for hard particles located on air vents. Avoid an automatic washer as it will damage the part. Blot the pre-filter with a paper towel.

The internal parts of the Holmes purifier including the air intake grill can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. When you’ve finished, assemble the air purifier and test it out.

How do I clean my Holmes air purifier hap116z?

The process of cleaning this particular model of air purifier doesn’t differ from any other model. You start with cleaning the pre-filter in warm soapy water to get rid of the filth. Then wash HEPA permanent filter using a vacuum cleaner.

Just remember that all true HEPA filters are quite fragile and it is best to get replacement filters rather than wash them, so it doesn’t affect performance of your air purifier. Once everything is clean, assemble the purifier in reverse order.


Even though there are a lot of different models of purifiers, the process of cleaning is pretty much the same. Taking care of the Holmes air purifier will bring the best performance to the device. The clean air around you depends on frequent cleaning of the filters and replacing them in time. Share the guide with your friends and post your questions below.

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