iWave air purifier in air conditioner for home

“By uniting the thirst of our mind with the pureness and wellness of the air we are breathing, we can take possession of the most profound fibers in our being, imbibe its hidden primal forces, and transcend all irrelevant trivialities.”

Erik Pevernagie (is a Belgian painter and writer, born 1939)

What exactly is iwave air purifier?

iWave air purifier can be described as an air-purifying gadget that can be installed inside any duct air conditioning system. But portable air purifiers such as Whirlpool Air Purifier, Holmes air purifiers, SilverOnyx Air Purifier and  other Dehumidifier and Air Purifiers and their placement in the house can be found in other articles.

When air is blown through the iWave air purifying device, the it releases ions that eliminate allergens, pathogens particles smoke, and odors that are present in the air. This creates a healthier environment , without creating toxic byproducts. It can improve almost every place in your home. You can read more about the Air Purifier Placement Guide.

Does the iWave air purifier function?

Smoke, dust, odors and certain bacteria and viruses all are suspended in the air we breathe even if you’re not able to see them.

iWave is installed in your AC system in order to to clean the air in your home. As air flows through the iWave Air Ionization System the ions generated by the air purifying  device can reduce bacteria, viruses, as well as other particles in the air making your home a healthier one.

iWave utilizes the needlepoint bipolar ionization to produce equally sized positive and negative Ions. When these ions are released into the air, they are able to attach themselves to particles within the air.

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When the ions come into contact with VOCs and pollutants, as well as gaseous particles and airborne pollutants They bind until they grow large enough to be absorbed by the ventilation system’s air filter.

The technology of iWave creates the same ions as nature produces through lightening, waves from oceans, waterfalls and so on. Nature makes use of the energy of shear and force to split molecules, naturally purifying the air and creating more clean air.

How do I install iwave air purifier fast and simple ?

The iwave air purifiers can be plugged directly into the ductwork, near the furnace and the evaporator coil. So long as it’s accessible for our technicians to access it, you can expect a simple and quick installation. It’s also not intrusive to your system.

When our technology arrives and you’ll be able to use the iWave cleansing your air in less than two hours. It’s not necessary to take any action! Customers are thrilled with this hassle-free service.

How does iwave air purifiers is self-cleaning with zero maintenance

One of our clients’ most loved aspects of our product is the fact that it’s the first self-cleaning zero ongoing maintenance air purifying system. It does not require replacement parts, and does not require regular maintenance. When you install it, you’ll be able to relax for a long time knowing it’s functioning exactly as it is supposed to.

This is a huge victory for those who don’t wish to worry about their equipment constantly which makes the long-term cost of ownership attractive.

How often should you change The IWave

Set up the iWave by contacting us now and breathe healthier, fresher air for many years to be. With a 3-year warranty for the air purifying device, you’ll be able to have complete assurance. Overall, it comes with an estimated lifetime of equal to the lifespan of a standard heating and cooling system (10-15 year). As we’ve said before that it is not subject to any ongoing maintenance or replacement of components, the only expense you’ll need to think about is the initial purchase.

iWave air purifier has no harmful, negative byproducts.

The unique technology creates equal amounts of both negative and positive ions (combined neutral in charge) which react and eliminate allergens, pathogens particles, smoke VOCs and odors that are present in air. It means that your air is cleaner and it does it without the harmful byproducts of Ozone or volatile ROS (Reactive Oxidation Species) molecules that are the result of the use of PCO-based technologies.

If you are interested in learning further details on the science behind the device iWave devices utilize two emitters that produce equal quantities of negative and positive ions. When the ions are introduced in the stream of air, forming an area of plasma which breaks down gasses and pollutants into harmless compounds such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and water in vapor.

“When the ions come in contact with viruses, bacteria or mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules from the pathogens. Without hydrogen, the pathogens have no source of energy and will die. The ions also attach to allergens, such as pollen, smoke and other particles, causing them to band together until they are large enough to be caught by filters. iWave’s technology generates the same ions that nature creates with lightning, waterfalls, ocean waves, etc,” according to the information provided in the article by iWave in their site.

“Nature uses ion energy to break apart molecules, naturally cleaning the air and producing a healthy environment. The only difference between iWave’s technology and nature is that iWave does it without developing detectable ozone,” they say. Third party tests confirm this strategy.

Benefits of an iWave Air Purifier

The iwave air purifiers device is installed on any duct or ductless air conditioning. When air is circulated through the device, ions generated by the device help to reduce allergens, pathogens, particles smoke, odors and fumes from the air and help ensure a clean and healthy environment. Benefits for the whole family include:

  • Kills Mold, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Reduces Allergens, Smoke, and Odors
  • Installs in Any HVAC System
  • Provides Non-stop Protection

iWave’s cutting-edge technology offers the most efficient air purification process in the market. The other common indoor air purification methods need regular maintenance or bulb and cell replacement, which makes it less attractive to own.

iWave Models Available


iWave-r air purifier

With its technology being used in more than 200k applications, iWave-R is self-cleaning needlepoint bipolar ionization generator specifically designed for treating the air in residential ducts A/C systems. As air moves through the iWave-R, both positive and negative ions cleanse the air supply and reduce the presence of certain viruses and bacteria within the coil and living spaces.

The process of ionization also eliminates the smell of smoke and smells (cooking pet, VOCs, and cooking) and different pollutants (no any more sunlight beams) within the atmosphere.

The iWaveR is able to treat the air in any type of residential air conditioning systems for ducts that range from at 6 tonnes (2400 CFM) in size without any maintenance or replacemen during the life of its. It is designed for universal mounting it is usually mounted in the duct’s exterior or interior or is attached magnetically close to the indoor air quality fan of the air handling unit.

The iWave-R operates at its peak performance, with over 160 million ions/cc in direction (320 millions total ions for each cc) which is more than any other ionizer currently available. The patented self-cleaning system is the ability to program a cleaning schedule that cleans the emitter’s brush every 1 3, 5, and 10 days. The iWave-R is set to clean itself every third day that is enough for an average installation. It does not produce “black walls” as negative-only Ionizers do.

iWave-R Features:

  • Patented self-cleaning design guarantees continuous top performance
  • Needlepoint bipolar ionization effectively treats the air that is present in the living area
  • Tested to be compliant with UL 867 Ozone requirements.
  • For duct systems that weigh up to 6 tonnes (2400 CFM)
  • Multi-voltage input from 24VAC to 240VAC!
  • Universal mounting using magnets
  • Flexible design that does not require replacement parts
  • Reduces certain types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduces smoke, odors, static electricity, and other airborne particles
  • Keeps coils cleaner
  • Cleansing cycle that can be programmed
  • Option for alarm contact for secondary notifications
  • UL and cUL are recognized


iWave-v air purifierWith the technology used in more than 200,000 different applications around the world, iWaveV is a low maintenance air purifier bipolar high-output Ion Generator designed to treat the air in residential duct air conditioning system (but it could also be utilized in other applications for air conditioning).

When air passes through the iWaveV, positive and negative ions purify the air that is supplied and reduce certain types of bacteria and viruses within the coil as well as the living spaces. Ionization also helps reduce the smell of smoke and smells (cooking pets, cooking, VOCs) and different pollutants (no any more sunlight beams) within the atmosphere.

iWaveV is always operating at its peak performance, generating more than 160 million ions/cc in a single Polarity (320 million total Ions/cc). It treats the air in the ducts of homes with air conditioning systems that can reach 6-ton (2400 CFM) in size (or other applications that require A/C). The iWave-V is designed to be universally mounted the iWave-V can be installed either on the outside or inside of the ducts, or is attached magnetically close to an indoor air conditioner.

iWave-V Features:

  • Needlepoint bipolar ionization effectively treats air pollution in the living space
  • For systems that can handle up six tons (2400 CFM)
  • Tested to be compliant with UL 867 Ozone requirements.
  • Installations that can be mounted with universal options and magnets integrated into the system.
  • Small and compact design, with no replacement parts
  • Reduces certain types of bacteria and viruses.
  • Eliminates smoke, odors static electricity, and other airborne particles
  • Cleans the coil by killing all biological activity
  • UL and cUL are recognized


iWave-m air purifierIWave-M is a movable Ion-generating bar which can be used to deal with IAQ in almost every HVAC system. The air ionization technology provides the highest indoor air quality of ionization power in the smallest size available on the market that produces 35 million ions/cc for each linear foot.

The highly flexible iWave-M is easy to maintain and does not require parts that need to be replaced. When air passes through the iWave-M, it emits negative and positive ions that cleanse the air, decreasing the presence of certain bacteria and viruses in the coil as well as the living spaces. Ionization also helps reduce the smell of smoke and smells (cooking pets, cooking) and various other pollutants (no any more sunlight beams) within the atmosphere.

IWave-M’s innovative circuit bar that has specific ion-generating needles integrated in it that can be used with any cooling coil of HVAC that is up to 36 inches wide. This bar of circuit is chemical-resistant and extremely durable to ensure a extended service. It can also be folded down in the field, to any size and utilizes hook/loop fasteners to secure the bar’s flexibility and power pack to make it easy to install. It’s perfect for HVAC systems that are ductless which includes mini-splits and commercial VRF coils PTAC equipment, certain commercial and residential duct systems as well as packaged systems and transport cooling coils.

The iWave-M is by far the most adaptable and unique product available to improve the indoor air quality of all HVAC systems specifically to address the problem of bacterial contamination that is common to difficult-to-clean ductless systems.

iWave-M Features:

  • Specially ionized needles that are routed in an adjustable bar circuit
  • Compact design is ideal to HVAC cooling coils that are up to 36″ long and 36 inches wide.
  • Flexible enough in the field to fit almost any type of application. Ideal for ductless systems.
  • It is tested to ensure that it meets UL 867 ozone standards.
  • Temperature and chemical resistance Durable for long-lasting service
  • No replacement parts
  • Flexible input voltage – 110VAC to 240VAC
  • Reduces certain viruses and bacteria.
  • Eliminates smoke, odors static electricity, and airborne particles
  • Cleans the coil
  • UL and cUL are recognized


iWave-c air purifierNo Maintenance Air Purifier for Commercial and Residential Systems

iWave C is a self-cleaning bipolar ionization generator that is capable of improving the indoor air quality of a building that doesn’t require replacement parts every year or two as do competing UV lighting or ionizers. Furthermore, the iWave provides and maintains an unbeatable Ionization output and capabilities.

When air passes through the iWaveC, it emits negative and positive ions that work to cleanse the air supply by reducing the presence of certain viruses and bacteria in the coil as well as the living spaces. Ionization also helps reduce the smells and smoke (cooking pet, VOCs, and cooking) and various other particle (no further sunbeams) that are in the air.

While suitable for residential uses The original iWave-C was specifically made for commercial applications that require light power with capacities of up twelve tons (4800 CFM) with no repairs or maintenance required to last the lifetime of the unit. It can be mounted duct-style outdoors or indoors, based on the purpose.

It operates at the highest performance, with 200 million ions/cc in a single the polarity (400 million total Ions/cc) which makes it more efficient than other solutions on the market. Its special features include a programmable cleaning cycle that self cleans itself, a waterproof case the digital screen (for on-site monitoring of visuals) and an integrated contacts for alarms (for remotely monitored monitoring).

iWave-C Features:

  • Patented self-cleaning design
  • Needlepoint bipolar ionization effectively treats the air inside buildings and homes
  • Duct-mount installation for systems that weigh up to 12 tonnes (4800 CFM)
  • It is tested to ensure that it meets UL 867 Ozone requirements.
  • It comes with a waterproof housing that can be installed either indoors or out
  • Multi-voltage input : 24VAC, 120VAC or 240VAC
  • Reduces certain viruses and bacteria.
  • Eliminates smoke, odors static electricity, and other airborne particles
  • Keeps coils cleaner
  • Cleansing cycle that can be programmed and has a digital display
  • Remote alarm contact with integrated alarm for monitoring
  • Certified by UL and CUL

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iWave – indoor air quality

Nu-Calgon also provides Nu-Calgon also offers a three-year warranty for iWave devices according to iwaveair.com. To claim a warranty within the three-year period evidence of purchase as well as evidence of installation by an authorized HVAC or electrical contractor have to be presented. The warranty is available for more details. You can also call us if you have any questions. But the important thing is you’ve got a high-quality air purifier when choosing iWave


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