A guide on how to clean Homedics air purifier filter?

Homedics air purifiers are important devices for cleaning air from allergens, germs, and mold spores inside houses. They remove over 99 percent of dust particles, helping people with asthma problems. A unique filtering system allows for catching the tiniest pollutants. Maintenance of the Homedics air purifier is vital.

If you search for information about homedics air purifiers, how to clean the filter of this device, and instructions on how to replace the HEPA filter, this article will be quite helpful.

Can Homedics air purifier filters be washed?

There are a few models of Homedics air purifier on the market. They have diferent air filters. A HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and a pre-filter have their own characteristics.

Not one of them can be washed as it will destroy them.

They certainly can be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you replace Homedics filters when it is time. A HEPA filter is required to be changed every year.

Is it possible to clean Homedics air filters and use them again?

To ensure your Homedics air purifier provides an optimal performance, it is necessary to clean filters, when they are clogged with dirt.

If you don’t clean Homedics filters, it can affect the way an air purifier works. It won’t cope with the amount of airflow and the purity of air will be impacted.

All members of your family will notice the difference.

That is why you can clean all the Homedics air purifier filters and replace them when it is time. A Homedics HEPA filter can’t be washed with water, but you can clean it by vacuuming dirt off it. You can clean a pre-filter at the same time as well.

Usually, cleaning of a purifier unit can be done every month. Insert the Homedics filters back in once they are clean. You can keep using them until it is time to replace them. If you search for information on how to clean Homedics air purifier filter, please read a step to step guide below.

How do I clean Homedics air purifier filters?

As you already know from the search, the Homedics air purifier has three filters. The first pre-filter catches the biggest particles of dirt and pollutants. The HEPA filter is able to catch the smaller particles. A carbon filter fights the bad smells like cigarette smoke.

The reset indicator light, or a power button, will come up when it is time to either clean or replace filters. Below is the way to clean a HEPA filter:

Step 1

Unplug your unit off the wall outlet.

Step 2

Carefully drag the tabs on the grill and open it. The lid should be set aside.

Step 3

Take the filter out of the air purifier model.

Step 4

Proceed with vacuuming the filter. Use a special soft brush head to ensure it doesn’t damage the filter, but cleans it properly.

Step 5

Once the filter is clean, put it back into a compartment. It has to be firmly secured.

Step 6

The tabs of the grill should be placed into the bays. Then you can shut the door.

Step 7

Check the light, it should go off after you press and hold it for a few seconds.

Step 8

Turn the power back on and your model of an air purifier is ready to go.

Tips and tricks for cleaning Homedics air purifier

There are a few other things and settings you have to consider when trying to change filters after cleaning. If you search for information in regard to maintaining your HoMedics purifier, read the points below.

  1. The light will always come on to notify you that either of the filters got dirty. To reset the light, you have to hold the key underneath for a couple of seconds.
  2. Before cleaning the device, always make sure the power cable is unplugged. Once you finish with cleaning, turn the power back on.
  3. Do not wash the filters with cleaning products, do not polish them or wet them. It will ruin the filters. You can do vacuuming using a brush with soft bristles.
  4. Do not use your device if the power cable or a power plus are broken.
  5. Let the filters to dry naturally without heating them.


Is the Homedics air filter washable?

Start with removing all the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then carefully wash the homedics hepa filter with warm water, removing all the dirt. Replace a filter every year.

When should I change my Homedics air filter?

To ensure the optimal performance of your device, it is recommended to change a filter once a year.

How do you clean and reuse an air purifier filter?

If you search for information regards reusing filters that were cleaned, the answer is – it is possible. Filters that are marked as washable, can be cleaned and installed back into air purifiers. They have to be dried properly first.

How do you reset the filter on a Homedics air purifier?

Depending on your model of the Homedics purifier, resetting a replacement indicator is possible if you locate the air filter button, hit it, and wait for about three seconds. Then release it.

How fast will a purifier clean a room?

If you search for answer to this question, you have to know the size of your room first and the model of your purifier. On average, a 30 sq m room will be cleaned within half an hour.

At the end

Now you will be able to clean your air purifier including the filters. Just follow the instructions above to ensure the best result without damaging anything. Remember, all filters can not be wet and have to be replaced every year, if you want them to perform at the top level.

If this information is exactly what your search was about, please share it with your friends. If you still have any questions left, you can write to us in the comment section below the post. We will happily answer them.

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