Detailed instructions on how to Clean Levoit Air Purifier

An air purifier is a device that lots of people place in their houses. The Levoit air purifiers are on top of the list of the most purchased brands. They have proven themselves to be efficient at cleaning the air and improving the air quality in general.

For those who suffer from respiratory diseases and different allergic reactions, the Levoit device could be the savior.

To ensure top performance at purifying the indoor air, you have to clean the Levoit air purifier frequently as well. That includes cleaning the Levoit air purifier filter in particular. In our article, we will tell you more about the process. If you do implement the detailed instructions on how to clean Levoit air purifier, you will be able to achieve great results at keeping its optimal performance.

Instructions on how to clean Levoit air purifier

After you have unpacked an air purifier and put it together, you hardly ever read the rest of the user manual on how to maintain it.

Regular cleaning of the Levoit air purifier will result in air quality and airflow improvement.

Go through the steps below to clean Levoit air purifies if you haven’t kept the user manual.

1. Unplugging the Levoit air purifier

This is the initial task you have to perform prior to the air purifier clean. Never attempt to clean a Levoit air purifier if it is still connected to the wall outlet. It can cause a short circuit, and you don’t want that to happen.

2. Cleaning the outer shell of the Levoit air purifier

Using a damp cloth, proceed with wiping the Levoit air purifier case. Do not add any harsh chemicals as they can damage the plastic of the air purifier. Put the device aside for a few minutes to dry fully.

3. Removal of the Levoit air purifier hepa filter

Some air purifiers are sold with two filters, but other models have three filters including a carbon filter. Levoit air purifier filters have to be cleaned once every couple of weeks or monthly, depending on the air contamination around your area.

Different models will have different procedures to follow regarding the HEPA filters’ removal. Some filters can’t be taken out and the only option for cleaning them is by using a vacuum cleaner.

The Levoit air purifier filter can be detached from its compartment and taken out of the device. Before you do it, it is best if you go with a vacuum cleaner around the filter area to ensure you collect all dust particles that might have accumulated inside the air purifier over time.

4. Vacuuming the filter

Once you have proceeded with the HEPA filter removal, it is time to clean it properly. If you have special attachments with a soft-bristled brush on the end, that will make the whole process easier and more productive.

Do not push on the filter, and move the vacuum hose with a brush over the area gently. Otherwise, you are risking damaging it, and then you will have to be looking at purchasing a filter replacement. You can’t add any detergents and cleaning solutions as it will just destroy the Levoit air filter.

5. Washing the pre-filter and the air quality sensor

If your model of the air purifier allows you to wash the pre-filter, you have to complete it every few months. If the pre-filter isn’t designed to be washed, look into a pre-filter replacement. Just it has to happen in time to ensure the top air quality performance. If your model of an air purifier allows you to wash the pre-filter, it is quite an easy procedure.

You can immerse it in water and add some cleaning solution. Using a damp cloth, proceed with removing pet dander, dirt, and other visible buildup. Abrasive chemicals should be avoided at any cost as they will ruin the prefilter for good. Once the dirty filters have been washed, you have to take a dry cloth to wipe any excess water from their surface.

Never forget about the air quality sensor. It also can get filthy and must be cleaned frequently. In fact, just as frequent as the filters. If you don’t pay attention to the air quality sensor, all the dirt that accumulates on it will cause it to stop functioning.

The cleaning process of the air quality sensor is super easy. You just find the lid in the air quality sensor compartment. Then lift it and wipe the sensor using a damp cotton swab. Wipe the sensor thoroughly and only then you can close the lid.

6. Putting an air filter together

Once the air filters have been washed and dried thoroughly, it is now time to put everything back together and reset the air purifier. If you had to obtain the filter replacement, unpack it and stick it into the correct compartment of the Levoit air purifier.

Washed filters of the Levoit air purifiers also go into the correct compartments and install according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to do so and installing the filters correctly will result in the filter replacement indicator coming up and the Levoit air purifies will either not function or they will function incorrectly.

There will be no clean air as the air flow will not go through the filters as it is supposed to. Clean Levoit air purifiers frequently to ensure they work as designed, – efficiently and result in the fresh air in your house.

Levoit air purifier maintenance tips

Everyone would want their air purifier device to last a while without having to purchase another one. It is quite possible if you take care of your Levoit purifier. This includes purchasing a replacement filter in time. You have to replace filters and clean a Levoit air purifier following our guide above. Everything you do to maintain the air purifier will be improving air quality in your room.

  1. Always read the manual booklet that comes with your air purifier device. This will help you to perform the correct procedures for keeping the air purifier functional.
  2. Cleaning the outside of a device is just as important as the inside. Do not forget about it.
  3. Always respond to the replacement indication and do not ignore it. Purchase a new air purifier filter in time.
  4. Avoid using strong cleaning solutions as they will destroy the plastic parts of the device.


How do I clean my Levoit 300 filter?

The best way to clean the Levoit air purifiers’ filters is by vacuuming. This will ensure to collect all the particles that get stuck inside without breaking the filters. The pre-filters of some models of air purifiers are allowed to be immersed in water.

This will make your life easier as you just have to take them out and place them into the bucket with soapy water. Wipe the dirt using a damp cloth and dry the filters properly before sticking them back into the air purifiers. The quality of the clean air in your house fully depends on the state of the filters. Always remember about it.

How often should you change the filter on a Levoit?

That depends on the type of filter you want to change. As we already discussed, there are three types of filters inside an air purifier. If we are talking about a carbon one, you will have to purchase a new one every few months to ensure the quality of the air around your house.

The HEPA filters can be changed once a year. The permanent filters do not have to be changed unless you broke them. In this case, it is best to refer to the service specialist, so you don’t damage your air purifier by doing it yourself.


Now you know how to clean your Levoit air purifier to prolong its life and keep the air quality around your house at an optimal level. All you have to do is follow the maintenance steps and do that frequently. Clean a Levoit air purifier inside and outside, and you will not have to purchase a new device for a long time. An air purifier is necessary for the polluted areas and for those, who suffer from allergies.

Learn how to take care of an air purifier, and you will not suffer from contaminated air. If this article was helpful, please share it with your friends. If you still have questions left, we will happily answer them in the comment section below.

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