Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? And how to reduce energy costs?

“If there is ever a conflict [between environmental quality and economic growth], I will go for beauty, clean air, water, and landscape.”
Jimmy Carter

In our article we will ask next question: do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? Also we want to say that there are different types of this device indeed although such products all require electricity to perform efficiency and properly.

Most of consumers suggest that air purifiers apply a lot of electricity but to fortune this is not the case.

Actually, many air purifiers contain capacity of about 200 W that is used only for very high speed settings.

But people can operate an air purifier on lower 30 W setting without any problems.

So after the reading the article you should be aware do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? Apart from it, the consumers need to know the fact that is air purifiers are energy-efficient and they reduce the costs of usage as well and decrease the amount of dust, poolen and so on. Hence, the air purifiers are the excellent tools for cleaning the rooms.

The most important thing is that air purifiers significantly improve air quality in houses, that’s why an air purifier is an amazing choice for you.

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity

Application of air purifier

The consumers have known about air purifiers relatively recently and the society began to take care about the air quality, including inside of rooms. So, air purifier helps in this case definitely.

Besides it, you can remove fuggy air from your space and it reduces the risk of respiratory illness, asthma symptoms and other difficulties that could be caused by inside pollution. Generally we can conclude that air purifiers are very useful tools indeed.

If you use quality air purifiers, you can get the device which can put away a large range of pollutants from the air of house and this makes sure our wellness. So, how to select air purifier is not simple question!

The core of problem is that there are so many various brands and models of air purifiers and that’s why it is difficult to understand what item is suitable for consumer.

While selecting an air purifier, you should take account for follow parameters: power capacity of air purifier, an aim of usage, electricity usage and other required points regarding air purifiers.

Anyway, search of the suitable air purifier takes some time but it is worth to do since this helps people breather clearer. Well, the air purifiers are the tremendous tool indeed.

How much do air purifiers add to electric bill?

As we already told the energy efficient units are the best option for people who look for suitable model for cleaning an air. But how much electricity it costs to perform effectively? Just remember a rule: the higher the watt applied, the higher the amount of electricity from air purifiers it will use. By the way, the unit should also have fast fan speed.

So, the wattage rating always helps to understand how much electricity an air purifier will apply.

What do we know else about air purifiers use? First of all, try to estimate the amount of power consumption. We need to note that the below approach gives not precise value since the taken sum depends on consumer’s electricity distributor. Anyway, it helps to understand air purifiers use indeed. Well, let’s research the method and after that you will get useful information regarding this point of air purifier.

We suppose that you buy an air purifier with capacity of 120 Watts and when it performs for 24 hours, the air purifier will consume around 0.12 Kw per hour and about 2.88 kW hours per day and approximately 86.4 kW hours per month.

So, let’s go on about air purifiers use further. If summarize all costs, your electricity bill will be about 12.96$ per month.

Meanwhile, some air purifier brands are designed to perform powerfully and without high energy consumption. You should know that air purifiers use can be made properply after learining the manual.

What uses the most electricity in a home?

So, it is necessary to use the unit as much energy it performs for cleaning. According to the statistics of the Department of Energy, the average American consumer among householders produces around 892 kWh of electricity usage a month.

But what do consumers use the energy for? Firstly, that’s heating and cooling segments of electricity usage. They are almost 50% of total application.

Then water heating has 14% share of the total, later dryers and washers 13%, and lighting 12%, fridge equipment 4% and finally electric ovens about 4%. Note that for proper work you need to use powerful air purifier’s wattage.

Also DVD, TV approximately 3% and dishwashers and PC are 2% and 1% respectively.

Now you know what areas can be optimized for reducing the electricity usage. And after cleaning the room you will get high efficiency particulate air.

As for decreasing the amount of energy, for instance, you can wash cloth in cold water instead of warm.

Also, you should know kilowatt hour cost for calculating your budget properly. Other way of saving the money is unplugging electronics that avoid losses up to about 100$ per year. Well, HEPA filters should be cleaned regularly for correct air purifier running. Overall, kilowatt hour cost is important point indeed.

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity

Air purifier power consumption

The range of air purifier power consumption depends on the model and brand of air purifier and this is from 30 watts to 200 watts.

So, maybe you know, that the consumption depends on the speed of the running of air purifier as well.

Hence, a low-speed setting will use less electricity than a high or medium setting.

The cost of air purifier run differs depending on the rate of the electricity and also how often consumers apply the air purifier.

Also, you should know that there are some web-sources that give calculators about electricity consumption of air purifier.

Actually, you should take account for next features when compare an air purifier under shopping: type of filter, noise level, room size and other settings.

For example, such parameter as room size is important since an energy efficient air purifier should be powerful fairly to clean the space.

The type of filter of air purifier is also necessary as some of it perform longer than other one and hence more efficient at catching dust particles.

So, if say about the noise level of air purifier it is also important to pay attention when you want to work or sleep in a quiet atmosphere. Meanwhile, don’t forget about energy efficient of the unit.

Generally, we can conclude that price of an energy efficient air purifier varies strongly since so many models are involved.

Thing that affects air purifiers power consumption

Frankly speaking, some air purifiers have more energy rating than other ones and it is not only size of room or design. Below you will see settings that are affecting power consumption when energy efficient air purifiers use are done.

  • Rating of wattage:

It is important to say that watt rating is single determinant and contributor of consumering electricity which is be billed in some time, plus the amount of electricity charge from the supplier. Shortly, the higher the energy the unit uses, the higher the bills. All of this regards air purifier use.

  • Kind of filter used:

Generally, the most of air purifiers apply only several types of filters around the world. By the way, another important feature is clean air delivery rate. So, if say about such type of filter as HEPA unit, that the fan of the device must blow more than a typical fan for proper performance. It also affects air purifier’s energy consumption.

  • Size of fan:

Often, the bigger the device, the larger the fan which could be applied and respectively the higher the power needed to perform the fan. Very big fan always requires more power to be worked effectively. So, that’s why it will add amount to electricity bill. Just pay attention it about air purifier’s power consumption. Fan speed is important thing indeed.

  • Space of room coverage:

Also, electricity consumption of an air purifier depends on size of the room – we think, you never deny it, do you? For example, air purifiers for big rooms and areas are designed with large fans and filter similar to HEPA one. All of this is a guarantee that will be high electricity consumption and air purifier use.

  • Ultraviolet light/ozone generators:

These types of the light are embedded into a air purifier to clean the air that go through the unit, and the inside parts of the device itself too. The lights contain the double protection and it means an extra electricity cost since the electricity consumption depends on the duration of the light applying indeed.

  • Speed of performance:

Each air purifier features the settings that provide the consumer an option varying the speed of fan from low to high value. It is important to note that the essential difference in this field is the speed at which the fan rotates, at the low speed the fan doesn’t rotate very quickly. So, it directly affects electricity cost.

Apart from it, the air purifier produces the most power at the highest setting and this is most effective.

  • Poor environmental condition:

If air purifiers perform in the polluted ecological condition, you need to use them with extra strength to meet the minimum expectation of the rate of air clean. Therefore the air purifier will consume more energy. Most air purifiers include auto mode that regulates the speed at which it works varying on the environmental condition.

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity

How much does it cost to run an air purifier 24 hours a day?

You should know electricity cost when you apply the unit. Hence, it is rather better not to use an air purifier whole day otherwise the cost will become very high indeed. Anyway the size of electricity bill depends on the charge of your supplier.

Is there a downside to air purifiers?

Most air purifiers have shortcoming which needs the windows to be closed to perform properly.

That’s a problem, if you have allergies or similar ilness and that’s why need fresh air.

Hence, you should know how much energy your purifier consumes.

Meanwhile, if people replace filter incorrectly, it can cause the harm. By the way, you can buy Honeywell air purifier that is very reliable unit among average air purifiers.

Apart from that the unit needs area to function properly, it could not be the best measure if people want to clean the air in restricted size of space. But Alen air purifier is an excellent tool for such works to consume a lot of electricity.

Also, Alen air purifiers have a quiet setting but other brands don’t contains this feature.

Your electric bill includes cost of consumption from energy star rated units.

But in conclusion air purifiers they may do ozone that is toxic to health of people.

Meanwhile, there are Winix air purifier and Levoit air purifiers that are very solid and robust devices in the market.

It is important to note that the products don’t solve all problems regarding indoor air quality.

Generally, they should be applied for effecient ventilation that finally improve indoor air quality. By the way, Winix air purifiers is a tremendous item to clean air.

Do air purifiers need to run all the time?

It will be useful when consumers leave the air purifier to clean air since the dust is constant. Actually, functioning the air purifier can be made 24 hours a day since it will haven’t bad effects.

How many hours should you run an air purifier?

The duration of air purifiers work depends on amount of pollution and size of room it requires to clean. Anyway, you can use the units whole day if your space has dirty particles.

Energy Efficient Air Purifiers

Are air purifiers energy-efficient?

If compare with air conditioners an energy efficient air purifier may save electricity and deliver clean air too respectively. This is really right air purifier indeed.

Besides it, the fan speed in an energy efficient unit is lower and that’s why needs less energy to perform. This is specific feature of electricity an air purifier.

Apart from it, energy efficient air purifier has a lower wattage and that’s why the air purifier does not apply much energy to function. Actually, you should select some device among energy efficient models to gain purpose in the cleaning.

To understand what sum you will save, just multiply the number of hours the value of electricity applied by the air purifier.

For instance, the cost of electricity charge is 0.15$ per kWh and the air purifier is applied for 10 hours, then consumers will save about 1.50$ on bill of electricity. We repeat again, that you need to use energy efficient models for this deal.

In addition, we would like to add that people can get tax credits through special buying of energy efficient appliances.

So, the most important thing is that you need to choose energy efficient model.

Energy efficient air purifiers: an excellent solution to much electricity bill

Well, to save money drastically, you need to purchase well-known brand of air purifier, for example, Austin air unit which generates more energy. Then you should learn energy star specification to select best air purifiers. After that you will become more confident at done choice. Also, that’s important to have required certificate about quality of the product.

This is because of fundamental responsibility of the energy star program that allows to test and rate the energy efficient air purifier.

Meanwhile, note kilowatt hour in your calculations to know average power consumption. It helps to save money in future.

As for certification, such energy efficiency units are more budget-friendly and to environment as well. Also, they are more effective to 35% than typical air purifiers, economizing about 225 kWh per year. This is significant amount since a standard air purifier consumes around 550 kWh a year.

The special energy efficiency and energy star program gives follow definition of room air cleaners – portable electric appliance which delete tiny particles such as pollen and dust from air inside. Usually, the products with energy star have HEPA filter.

To know how many watts the unit use, you should study the manual and specification for proper work. Also we need to add that energy star air cleaners should be categorized based on the approaches they perform in their activity in indoor air. This is follow ones:

  • Fan with filter, for example, HEPA filter
  • Fan with filter and electrostatic plates
  • Fan filter with an ion generator
  • Ion generator
  • Hybrid

To get rated energy star, these household appliances has to generate 50 CADR as minimum clean air delivery rate and 2.0 CADR/W as a minimum effective performance requirement.

By the way, room size is important factor of proper work of the air purifiers. But let’s return to CADR. This indicator means that the cleaned and contaminant free air is provided by an room air cleaner. Anyway, just orientate on the models with very little electricity.

Ok, try to use an energy efficient air purifier in your home!

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I need an air purifier?

This information helps to be aware if you really need to use the unit.

For example, people often are sneezing in their home although they cannot see evident signs of pollution but actually it means air quality is poor. Meanwhile, pay attention about room size.

Also, consumer’s home smells with varnish or disinfectants it can show that the air is not clean as we need.

Another evidence of poor air is dust mites in your house. Hence, in this case you also need to use the air cleaner indeed since these creaturess live in dirty condition.

And eventually you should invest in the device if you have such diagnose as COPD or emphysema.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

Actually, it takes about 2-3 hours to clean whole room since the most part of contaminants will be deleted from the space. Such indicator as ACH (air changes per hour) helps to understand how fast the unit makes own job and generates more energy.

Should you close windows with air purifier?

It doesn’t matter if the windows are closed or opened – the unit would work efficiency at any rate. But to avoid the impurities coming from the outside it is better to close the windows and the doors.

Final thoughts air purifiers

So, we can conclude that air purifiers are a tremendous tools for your life as it gives higher quality to you. It is worth to purchase the unit because this is cost-efficient and energy star rated.

Hope, our article could help you to know how to select energy star rated device. If you have a questions, leave your comments here and share the information with your friends.


Ami, thank you for such a detailed article! I thought that all and always air purifiers use a lot of electricity. Now I know how much does an air purifier cost to run and how best to use it to save my budget 👍👍👍

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