Pink mold in humidifier: a detailed guide on how to clean it

If you see pink mold in humidifier, don’t start panicking. After reading this article, you will be fully aware of the pink mold’s reasons and ways of getting rid of it.

Pink mold in humidifier: brief information

Using a humidifier is a perfect way of adding moisture to the air inside the room, which positively affects our well-being. However, it can cause certain problems such as breeding pink mold and harming your health.

If you change the water in the humidifier irregularly, it stagnates. Such a damp and warm environment are favorable for the reproduction of microorganisms, such as mold.

This mold is usually can be found on the bottom of the water tank or the sides of it. The colors of the mold vary from pink to black. In most cases, it is a pink color that appears inside the humidifier.

As a rule, there are three types of pink molds:

  1. Fusarium.They usually appear on plants, not in humidifiers.
  2. Serratia marcescens.It is a bacteria rather than a mold. It grows near the toilets and bathroom showers because they feed on shampoo and soap residue.
  3. Aureobasidium pullulans. It is not initially pink, as firstly, it is white or yellow colors. Its habitat can be washrooms, as well as wood and plants.

It is usually the last type that can be found inside your water reservoir tank, as mold prefers damp and dark places for growing.

Are pink molds in your humidifier dangerous? How to prevent mold growth? How to clean it in domestic conditions? You will find all the answers in this article. Let’s start!

Can pink mold in the humidifier make you sick?

Is pink mold in the humidifier dangerous? Yes, it is. Although pink mold is not as dangerous as black mold, it still causes risks to your humidifier and your health. The main health risks include respiratory problems and severe infections, including gastrointestinal and urinary ones.

If you are exposed to asthma attacks, your humidifier’s pink mold infestation seriously risks your health. The mold can make your asthma symptoms worse.

Moreover, a severe infection can be developed if you have an open wound. Therefore, it is important to wear gloves if you have an open wound on your hand not to catch an infection.

The situation may be even worse if you suffer from allergic diseases because mold can aggravate them.

Such phenomena as humidifier lung can be the result of pink mold’s prolonged influence. The most known symptoms of it can vary from coughing and difficulty breathing to fever.

Note that the symptoms may appear after some time, so be careful and prevent appearing of pink mold at the early stages, especially if you have a weak immune system. In addition, this type of mold can also be dangerous for your pets’ health.

How to get rid of pink mold: a useful step-by-step guide

If you notice pink mold in your humidifier, hurry up and take all necessary measures to clean it and make the pink mold go away. Don’t panic, as in most cases you can easily clean it yourself.

Note that you have to be healthy; otherwise, it can worsen your condition. In case of having respiratory problems, allergies, or similar conditions, it is better to call a professional. Never risk your health!

First of all, make sure that you wear the necessary equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a respiratory mask for preventing irritation. Make sure that you also have white vinegar and/or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Now you are ready to fight pink mold. All you need to do is to follow several essential steps, and you can forget about this problem.

The first step which should be taken is switching off the humidifier. Then remove the humidifier’s tank located at the base. You can use a bleach solution as a cleaner, or just fill the water tank with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

It is important to leave the fluid in the water tank for about half an hour. Thus, it can break up the pink mold and remove it. When the time is over, make your tank empty and wash it using lukewarm water.

After it is dry, mix water with vinegar or peroxide solution to clean the humidifier base. Take a sponge or cleaning cloth to apply the solution and scrub off the pink mold. Don’t forget to use clean water for wiping the surface, that’s it!

In case there is some dirt left, you can repeat these steps until the pink mold goes away.

Useful tips to prevent pink mold

You can always prevent mold by following some tips. They include the following:

Using tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be a real lifesaver in several aspects. Adding some drops of it into your humidifier will not only help to prevent pink mold but also serve as a breathing aid in case you have respiratory issues. Moreover, it is safe for the humidifier.

Changing the water tank on daily basis

Pink mold growth can be prevented by using clean water to refill the tank. It is a simple but rather effective step that should be taken every day.

In addition, it is recommended to change the humidifier filter at least every six months.

Cleaning the humidifier every week

If a humidifier is regularly turned on for at least half a day, clean it weekly. To prevent mold growth, it is essential to use vinegar or hot water for cleaning the machine. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they are dangerous for your humidifier.

Don’t forget to use a clean towel after the cleaning. However, you can also let the humidifier dry on its own.

Using disinfectants

You can also use humidifier tablets which not only help to fight pink molds but also prevent lime buildup inside your humidifier.

Using distilled or demineralized water

It is much better to use demineralized or distilled water instead of tap water. The reason is that tap water is full of minerals, which causes the spreading of bacteria in the humidifier. At the same time, there are minimum minerals in distilled water.

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Finally, here comes a list of frequently asked questions about pink mold in your humidifier:

Can pink mold make you sick?

Yes, pink molds can make you sick because they trigger respiratory problems, as well as infections. Moreover, be aware that pink mold is especially dangerous for people with congenital diseases.

Therefore, don’t neglect cleaning mold in your humidifier. It can cause more severe problems than you expect.

What to do if you get mold in your humidifier?

Use our step-by-step guide, which is described in detail in our article. In general, apply hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to the tank and scrub off the buildup using a brush or sponge.

Note that it is always easier to prevent mold rather than to get rid of it. To prevent the appearance of mold, it is also recommended to clean the humidifier with soda and lemon.

What color is mold in a humidifier?

It is wrong to think that there are only pink molds. There are different colors of mold. For example, they can be not only pink, but also green, orange, purple, red, and black.

At the same time, it is usually white or pink mold that grows in your humidifier.

In conclusion

Pink mold in humidifier is a common case that can be very dangerous for your health. However, it can easily be cleaned if you follow the guidelines presented in our article.

Remember to watch your humidifier regularly and provide fresh and distilled water to prevent pink mold growth. Preventing it at the initial stages is much better than trying to get rid of it! Want to know where is the best place to put your humidifier, read the article.


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