How to clean Clarifion air purifier plug in – A detailed review 

We are going to discuss general aspects of cleaning air purifiers in this article. As you understand, there are dirty particles of air that can harm the health of people.

Therefore, people need a fresh atmosphere to avoid this problem and that’s why crisp air will help consumers to breathe and not be afraid to get airborne fragments.

The Clarifion air ionizer deletes bad indoor air quality and puts away small elements from the air.

It drastically enhances quality of air since the product removes various types of airborne particles.

So, when the product has a blue light, it means the proper work. Also, the Clarifion air ionizers apply special methods.

The mini air purifier makes around 10 million negative ions and this helps to neutralize nasty airborne particles.

Also, we can add that the product allows for enhancing quality of air fast in a short time. Actually, a special technique of air ionizer is helpful indeed.

Consumers could apply the product to make the air ionizer in different spaces like bedrooms or living rooms.

People need to clean the Clarifion air ionizer because it is important for the proper work of the ionizer. Besides it, the cleaning is not difficult, that’s why read follow the data below.

How do I clean my Clarifion plug in?

As we already said, it is not complicated to clean the Clarifion air ionizer, but we recommend doing it several times a week.

Also, it depends on the frequency of ionizer performance. So, blue light should show the state of a product.

Keep in mind that you could not disclose the Clarifion air ionizer, and hence, people need to wash the outside of the device or the so-called unit’s exterior.

People just need to follow the below stages for correct washing of the Clarifion air ionizer since it is enhancing air quality:

  • Microfiber clean cloth
  • Water

Step 1

Switch off the air ionizer for cleaning it.

Step 2

Consumers can note dark spots around a product where it’s connected. It is the usual dirty particles from the coverings that were accumulated on the cover and around a standard power outlet.

Step 3

Delete the particles gently and softly applying a pure microfiber rag. Also, people can apply some amount of water to absorb the microfiber cloth if they try to remove difficult spots. This allows to clean off the product totally avoiding small dirt particles, for example, all the debris with a microfiber cloth. It also regards pet dander.

Step 4

You should be confident that the air item is fully dry until consumers will not plug it into the wall socket. Householders also can apply cloth that soaks in alcohol to wash the unit’s cover correctly. It solves sterilization functions excellently, for instance, in the dining room.

Step 5

This optimal performance properly cleans the issue. Meanwhile, one of the power outlet problems is very little capacity. One more tip is that consumers should not put the product into water or similar other liquid or don’t flap the purifier under the faucet.

Step 6

After plugging in the ionizer, check that the blue light is on.

Do you have to clean the Clarifion air ionizer?

Generally, we should repeat it again: the Clarifion air ionizer may neutralize dust in airflow and give fresh air, but truly the device is not able to delete respectively large fragments of dust. It is rather better to wash the item now and then to work properly and function optimally.

For example, just remove it several times a week, it can be enough for effective work indeed.

How do you clean an ionizer filter?

Well, as you already know, the air ionizer does not need periodical maintenance and does not require filter replacement ever. Hence, the Clarifion air ionizers are an amazing option for users of course.

But you should understand how it performs: The ions connect to many fragments in the airflow and after that, the elements of dust are put on the cover and surface to clear it after all.

Since the number of these useful particles is large, therefore these elements can wash the air very fast.

And don’t forget that most of the ions stay in the air and give a very useful effect when people breathe air.

How long does the Clarifion plug in last?

So, generally, Clarifion air ionizer performance can gain work around three years.

Then its work will depend on many factors, for instance, air quality or operation time of Clarifion air ionizer.

Does the Clarifion air ionizer remove dust?

As you can see, the Clarifion product is not able to bodily remove dust, but luckily the device deletes microscopic airborne contaminants staying on the surface of your home.

And consumers can remove the dust and air pollutants from the air ionizer by applying a typical cleaner or simply removing it with a cloth. It also makes fresh air.

Can I add essential oils to a Clarifion air ionizer?

The Clarifion air ionizer does not contain any diffuser properties and features, that’s why people don’t need to use essential oils.

Can you use a Clarifion air ionizer around children and pets?

Yes, you can because the Clarifion air ionizer removes harmful and dirty air fragments. Besides it, the ionizer has minimal ozone emission.

The Clarifion air ionizer will also help you when you are potty training your puppy. Read more about how to potty train a German Shepherd puppy here.

Does the Clarifion air ionizer kill viruses?

Some experts consider that the negative ions could be a hurdle for bacteria.

Apart from it, some researchers have recognized that ozone also can block viruses in the air and on coverings. Generally, it deletes poor indoor air quality.

What are the advantages of a Clarifion air ionizer?

Consumers get different advantages from applying the Clarifion air ionizer. Several of them are pointed out below:

  • Usage decreases allergens in the air through negative ions. Then, it allows for decreasing asthma and similar illness like congestion symptoms.
  • Next, the device reduces other air debris such as smog, odors, viruses, germs, and other air pollutants.
  • And also it does not require large counter space.
  • Finally, it takes low energy consumption. So, air ionizing technology is helpful indeed.

What are the disadvantages of applying an ionizer?

As for shortcomings, there are the following things that you should need to know about mini air cleaner:

Such devices don’t remove smells and gases and so-called indoor pollutants VOCs that can harm the health of consumers but anyway improve indoor air quality.

Volatile organic compounds are adhesives, paints, and cleaning supplies.

These products are not successful when people have asthma and allergies since the devices are not able to avoid large airborne particles from the airflow, especially the things which cause these sicknesses.

So, don’t remember to wash the air purifier if you want it to function optimally.

As we already mentioned above, you get an excellent device for purifying the air indoors.


How does the ionic air purifier work?

This product generates negative ions that catch and physically remove dust gently and air harmful fragments like dust, viruses, allergens, and so on from the air.

Also, you can use it in auto-pilot mode.

And we need to remind you that the system does not require a change of filters or any maintenance as well.

Where can you use the Clarifion ionic air purifier?

It can be applied in garages, kitchens, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, closets, and so on.

Does Clarifion need to be cleaned?

Yes, it needs to be cleaned for proper and long performance.

How often do you have to replace Clarifion?

The time of operation of an air ionizer is two-three years. You should orientate for this period.

Final thoughts 

We hope the information in this article is helpful, and now you know how to clean a Clarifion air purifier.

If you have any questions, leave your comments here and share the article with your friends.


I have had my Clarifion units for over 4 years. As long as the blue light is on, does that mean it is still working? Or should I replace them because they are 2-3 years old?

When the product has a blue light, it means the proper work. So there is no need to replace it.

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