Do air purifiers cool the room: what and how do cool the air?

Many people wonder, can air purifiers cool the room? Such a function is not provided in the cleaner. The ionic air purifiers produce just clean air. You can read more about the main differences between a purifier and a fan in this article.

Are air purifiers cool the air?

If you wonder, can most air purifiers cool the room, then you should know that an air purifier is not capable of this. There are no cooling mechanisms inside the air purifier. If you need to cool the air in the room, you have to choose a fan or air conditioner. To reduce the temperature inside the air purifier, there must be two coils: an evaporator and a condenser.

It is they who lower the temperature in the room. Many people think that the air purifier cool the room because when you approach the outlet, you can feel a breath of cool air. Inside the classic air purifier, there are several filters as well as a fan. This contributes to the stretching and injection of air.

The main purpose of an air purifier is to remove harmful particles and circulate fresh air. An exception may be combo air purifier coolers that combine a cleaner and a fan. The most famous model is the Dyson Pure Cool Air Multiplier, which has a fine mesh filter and an oscillator inside.

The air purifier does more than just purify the air. When the blades begin to rotate, air pressure is created, which sends warm air up, and spreads cold air down. This cool down a room.

Comparison of air purifier and ceiling fan

A typical air purifier has a capacity of 100-400 CFM. The ceiling fan has a higher capacity, about 400 cubic feet. If you buy a large fan, it goes up to 10,000 cubic feet. This suggests that the air purifier cannot produce a lot of air. Therefore, it does not lower the temperature in the room.

Ceiling fans are equipped with two modes that can be changed. In summer, the fan should rotate counterclockwise. In winter, it must move clockwise to form a downdraft and circulate warm air.

On the market, you can also find most air purifiers with an upward movement of air, which sucks in air from the side panel, and sends clean air through the top. There are air purifiers with direct air movement when suction is carried out by the rear panel, and distribution is carried out by the front.

In summer, it is advisable to use air purifiers with a linear air direction. However, you won’t feel much of a difference. You can often hear the question, does the air purifier work as AC? No, the air purifier is not capable of this.

Can air purifier be used as fan? Do I need to run the air purifier and the fan at the same time?

Air purifiers are not capable of working as a fan. This is due to the low flow rates generated, so the room does not cool. It cannot even replace a classic desktop fan, let alone a ceiling fan.

You need to turn on the air purifier and the ceiling fan at the same time.

Additional circulation requires an extended run time of the air purifier. However, it is not necessary to do so.

How to make a room with air purifiers cooler?

Do air purifiers make the air dry? As you can understand, an air purifier is not capable of cooling a room or making the air dry. After all, an air purifier is designed to purify the air. You cannot use it as a replacement for fans that are located on the ceiling or the table. If you need to lower the temperature in the room with air purifiers, follow these recommendations:

  • if it’s hot outside, and you need to make the room cold, close all windows and doors to the house. At night, they can be opened to let in the fresh air;
  • start the air conditioner so that it works around the clock;
  • install various types of fans in the rooms to make the room cold. There are floor, table, the ceiling fan, and portable air cooler on the market;
  • leave to cool down a room;
  • remove things from the room that are not being used. This provides better ventilation;
  • turn off electrical appliances that you are not using. This reduces the heating of the room, as well as saves electricity;
  • hang thick curtains on the windows to block heat and sunlight to make the room cold;
  • put a humidifier in the room;
  • windows can be tinted or insulated;
  • adjust the fan power according to the season to make the room cold.

If you need to quickly cool down a room, fill a bowl with cold water or ice and place it in front of a fan. It disperses the cold air throughout the room. Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.


Techniques for cooling a windowless room

Quite often in houses, there are rooms in which there are no windows. However, there are several ways to help cool such rooms with just air purifiers.

Installing an air conditioner through the wall

To cool one room, you can install an air conditioner through the wall. Hot air comes out through the compressor. Such installations are quite expensive. There are some installation restrictions. Air conditioners should not be placed in basements if their wall does not go outside.

It is best to use air purifiers with other device models that combine a fan and an air purifier. Thanks to this, the room is filled with cool and clean air.

Installation of a ductless air conditioner in conjunction with air purifiers

Such device options are the best for rooms in which there are no windows. They can be installed even in underground garages and basements. Such systems are compact; however, they work very efficiently. The outdoor condenser unit sucks in air, after which the indoor unit distributes cold and clean air around the room.

Channels air conditioners work effectively. They are easy to mount using a 3-4 inch connecting pipe. Maintenance is inexpensive, and the device can be combined with different types of premises. This is the best solution for people who suffer from allergies or asthma and need to clean and cool down a room regularly.

Application of portable air cooler in conjunction with air purifiers. Application of ice and fan

If you have some savings, you can install a portable air conditioner in a windowless room. This is a very cheap model, the installation of which does not involve hacking or wall mounting. The principle of its operation resembles a wall-mounted air conditioner. However, there is also the possibility of moving.

The disadvantage of a portable air conditioner is that hot air is released through a hose. It is difficult to do this in a windowless room. Therefore, you have to think about the system for discharging hot air through another room or ceiling. You can cool the room even with air purifiers if you install a fan in it. Next to it, you need to put a container filled with ice.

Make sure that the airflow moves toward the container. This allows you to replace evaporative coolers and improve room conditions. The fan is best set at max speeds so that cold air is more efficiently distributed throughout the room. You need to change the ice every hour because it tends to melt. Repeat the steps until the temperature in the room is comfortable for you.

This is a pretty good alternative to air conditioning. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of expensive air purifiers, AC, and installation. However, be prepared for the fact that in the future you have to buy an air conditioner.

Lamp replacement in conjunction with air purifiers. Turn off air purifiers and other household appliances

You need to replace conventional incandescent bulbs with LED ones. This is because incandescent bulbs heat up and release heat into the air. Therefore, it is advisable to use LED or energy-saving options. They shine brighter and help save energy.

At the same time, they practically do not emit heat, so the temperature in the room does not rise. Even fluorescent lamps are a good option because they also do not emit excess heat. There are a large number of different appliances that generate heat and can increase the temperature in the room. These can be computers, ovens, air purifiers, and TVs.

So, do air purifiers make the room hot? Yes, air purifiers can raise the temperature if they run on electricity for a long time. If the air purifiers do not work at the same time, there are no problems.

If the air purifiers with other devices work at the same time, the temperature in the room rises significantly. Therefore, try to turn off air purifiers and other devices that you are not using at the moment. This reduces heat generation.


If you think that air purifiers cool down a room, it is not right. The air purifier does not have a mechanism for this. However, you can lower the temperature in the room with the help of simple tips that have been described in this article.


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