6 Best Small Dehumidifier For Bathroom. Reviews

The right dehumidifier for your needs may take some time of study however, the best small dehumidifier for bathroom will alter how you feel about the humidity levels in your home and make it more comfortable for both you and the people living in your home. Consider important aspects, including the budget, room size as well as tank size, number of bathroom users and the special features to consider when selecting the right dehumidifier.

What To Look For (Buyer’s Guide)

Selecting the best bathroom dehumidifiers are very easy despite the variety of options on the market. A quality dehumidifier will remove excess moisture in a bathroom and keep a good humidity level. To ensure you don’t choose the wrong one, the buyer’s guide here will concentrate on the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier.

  • Dimension – Size is important even for the mini dehumidifier.
  • Usability and design Choose one that is compatible with the decor of your bathroom because you’ll be gazing at it for a long time to take.
  • The capacity of moisture Find an thermoelectric dehumidifier with a moisture output of at least 9 ounces , and 1100 cubic feet of coverage.
  • Size of the reservoir The larger the capacity of the reservoir the greater amount of water that can be taken in.
  • Automatic shut off – A useful and vital feature to have in compact dehumidifier.
  • Price and budget Pricing and budget bathroom dehumidifiers are typically smaller in terms of size, you can buy cheap. Keep in mind that less expensive models are likely to come with compromises. Make sure you set your budget, look at the specs, and then find the best bargain you can find.
  • The level of sound Bathroom dehumidifiers that are driven by Peltier technology come with a low noise output.
  • Consumption of power Thermoelectric humidifiers utilized in bathrooms offer an output of low watts given their tiny size and small capacity. .

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

There are some who may be concerned about its size and power levels This model by Pro Breeze is great for tiny spaces such as bathrooms and wardrobe rooms, cabinets and many other small spaces with poor ventilation however high humidity levels.

It’s great for rooms that range from up to 110 square feet or 20 square meters in dimension. It also features ultra-quiet whisper technology as well as thermo-electric cooling (meaning that there isn’t a compressor) making it ideal for even small bedrooms as it’s very silent.

It’s a simple to use device that includes an auto shutoff option for when the water tank is full, along with the indicator light that warns you when it is going to happen. The dimensions for this machine are 24 14 14.2 12.4 cm 12.4 millimeters, and weight that is less than 1 kilogram, you will be able to effortlessly place this device wherever you’d like and then let it run.

The unit is extremely quiet. In a quiet room I can’t hear it 2 feet away. If you look closer, you can hear the air moving across the vents. Its dimensions are four 3/8 inch in its lowest point and 8 1/2 inches in height with 5 1/2 inches at its largest point. The unit is curved , and not rectangular.
The intake is located in the front, with the exhaust is located on the top.

Is it effective? Yes, it does , but it may not be as you think. The unit is able to extract moisture from the atmosphere when the internal temperature of the cooling plate is less that the temperature of dew. The greater the difference, the greater amount of water is collected. If the temperature in your home has a cold temperature, it will be able to collect less water. Also, there’s more water when you’re in cooler temperatures.

A thing to keep an eye on is air leaks within your home. If fresh , water-laden air is constantly being introduced, you’ll not see a change. Our RV there was the vent fan, which pulled the fresh humid air from the outside. The fan could not keep up with the demand because there was no way to recirculate the dry air. It was pushed out. To get the best results, make sure to make sure your room is kept insulated against outside air.

  • Under 40 dollars (after discounts).
  • A single button to operate.
  • Thermoelectric technology that is quiet, energy efficient and silent.
  • Auto-shutoff (tested).
  • Lower range moisture output (9 oz).
  • A small water tank (18 oz).

Frigidaire 22 Pint Capacity dehumidifier for bathrooms

Frigidaire 22 Pint Capacity

The Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 model is the equivalent to 22 pints of the highest rated 50 pint FFAD5033W1. It has some of the same features as well as features that make the 50-pint unit our top choice in general.

The main distinctions between the two models is in their power efficiency, moisture removal rate, and noise output. The 22 pint FFAD2233W1 model is smaller and has smaller sealed systems (compressor condenser, compressor, etc.). Therefore, it isn’t able to take off moisture as quickly. It also affects its efficiency in terms of energy and noise output.

In comparison to other low capacity units that we’ve evaluated The Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 eliminates water much more quickly and is less power-consuming (the average power draw for this category is more than 300W). Therefore, it is far more energy efficient than most other low capacity units available on the market.

The FFAD2233W1 is an excellent price for a pint dehumidifier, if only because we think it’s the most effective for a 22 pint dehumidifier on the market and isn’t priced more than other 22 pint options.

  • Comparatively to other smaller capacity units, this is a solid performance in all of our performance tests conducted in person
  • Comparatively to other units, this is one of the quietest dehumidifiers that we’ve examined
  • Has a large water tank for a low capacity dehumidifier.
  • Comparatively to larger capacity units It isn’t a great test unit in particular hands-on testing
  • It only comes with a one year warranty

SEAVON 35oz Dehumidifiers for the Home 2600 cubic feet

Best small dehumidifier for bathroom  SEAVON

In an environment that is humid, 80 percent RH and 86 degrees F in a humid environment, the SEAVON portable dehumidifier with a capacity of 1000ml, it can eliminate up to 450ml of water each day. It’s durable and efficient in eliminating moisture from the air and keeping a constant temperature in the area of 280 square. ft. space.

It comes with a larger water tank than other small dehumidifiers available and you don’t need to clean it frequently.

If you notice that the water tank exceeds 700ml-800ml, the dehumidifier automatically shuts off and flashes red, stopping overflow, making it easy and safe to use when you’re away.

The dehumidifier comes with a dust-proofing net that stops dust and lets in fresh air. The dust-proofing net is simple to remove and take apart and clean.

The SEAVON dehumidifier eliminates moisture from the air with ultra-quiet Peltier technology, which allows users to use it throughout the through the day and night, without making any unpleasant or loud noises.

Some customers have said that they were pleased with the high-quality that the item. After plugging in an initial time, the outlet got too hot and it melted the surface that was connected to the outlet.

The majority of customers complained that the product is not powerful enough and it isn’t able to capture humidity. Even after just a few days in a space smaller than the area of coverage there was no discernible changes in the humidity level.

A few user reviews also noted that the product stopped functioning after about four months of usage The light would flash continually, even when the tank was empty.

  • It’s light, compact, and portable
  • It’s easy to integrate the tight corners
  • It is equipped with a huge tank that can hold 1000ml.
  • The cost is reasonably priced.
  • It’s very quiet
  • It is equipped with an auto-shutoff feature.
  • It comes with a removable and easily cleaned dust-proof filter.
  • It’s effective in decreasing high humidity levels
  • Ideal for spaces with a limited space
  • It is safe so it will not cause sick.
  • It consumes less energy.
  • There isn’t a continuous drainage alternative

SEAVON Dehumidifiers Home 2200 cubic feet

SEAVON Dehumidifiers Home

The size of your home Dehumidifiers that work well do not have to cost a budget.

The portable SEAVON Dehumidifier can eliminate as much as 12oz of water each day in smaller spaces up to 250 square feet.

The compact size and mobile design make this dehumidifier simple to transport from your living space into your bedroom or any other location you might need it.

This tiny, yet powerful dehumidifier can keep the moisture level in your room at or below the threshold of 45% humidity. It comes with a 27-ounce water tank capacity meaning it needs to be empty at least twice a week.

When the tank close to being full, the auto shutoff function will automatically stop the dehumidifier, preventing overflows.

  • Portable, easy to move across rooms
  • Energy efficient – uses only 0.54kW during operation for all day
  • The quiet operation is only 35dB.
  • Small capacity is not ideal for the majority of spaces.



It is not necessary for everyone to have an extremely huge dehumidifier such as the 70-pint models, particularly for bathrooms. Sometimes, you require a dehumidifier which can do the job well for smaller areas such as bathrooms. This Inofia 30-Pint Dehumidifier is an example of effectiveness in the smallest size as well as moisture removal.

The pump bathroom dehumidifier has a sleek appearance that makes it stand out in a way that we would expect from top-quality products. It weighs just 24.9 kilograms, it is compact and features an recessed handle. This is without doubt an extremely portable dehumidifiers on the market. Additionally, it is simple to set up.

Although it’s already inexpensive and affordable, the Energy Star certification ensures cutting the cost of energy.

This portable dehumidifier covers up to 1056 square. ft. This makes it an excellent dehumidifier for bathroom humidity. It runs at temperatures between 41degF-95degF. It retains the moisture inside the form of a 0.5-gallon water tank. While I do wish that the tank was more straightforward to get rid of however, the capacity of the 30 pints shows the ability of the tank under 90 percent relative humidity at 95degF.

We are awestruck by the digital control panel that lets you choose the desired humidity level, 24-hour timer, auto-defrost, auto shutoff, auto restart and many more. The pump built into the unit drains the water automatically, and Inofia comes with the drain hose with the purchase.

At a decibel rate of just at 46 dB(A) in high-speed operation, this 30 pint dehumidifier is among the quietest among the available.

  • Very quiet
  • Energy Star certified
  • Auto defrost
  • Auto shutoff/Restart
  • 24 hour timer
  • Digital control panel
  • Hose for drain included
  • It is difficult to get rid of the tank

Should Any Dehumidifier Be Placed in the Bathroom?

There are more than one type of dehumidifier that includes:

Compressor-Based Dehumidifiers

These are the most well-known kinds of dehumidifiers. They are that are renowned for their huge capacity and capability. They employ a condensation system to take in as well as eliminate moisture from the surrounding zones. They are also known as dehumidifiers of full size that are able to hold more than ten gallons water.

Thermo-Electric Dehumidifiers

They are less bulky than compressors and are therefore ideal for smaller rooms. Thermo-electric dehumidifiers are quieter and have less sound. They work on an absorber wheel that sucks up moisture until it is at its capacity. It is then charged by the power supply of the electric to allow dehumidification.

Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers

We also looked at an efficient wall-mounted dehumidifier that is ideal for those who have children or pets at home. Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are made to work with wall brackets and function similarly as other dehumidifier.

The Auto Shut-Off Function

The auto shut-off feature would be among the most useful features offered by the latest electronic dehumidifiers. When the desired amount of humidity is reached it will trigger the entire unit to shut itself down automatically, and consequently save the user lots of energy efficient. The models that don’t include this feature will require that you stay near to them when you feel it’s humid at a suitable level it can be frustrating at times. We suggest that you choose a dehumidifier that has this feature.

The Intuitive Controls And Handy Functions

If the dehumidifier’s electric model has electronic controls, you’ll be able to select the ideal degree of humidity. This includes dry, regular, or dry. Certain dehumidifiers also allow users the option of setting an amount of humidity in the air. This is great for those who want to be more specific. Don’t forget to look for small bathroom dehumidifiers with the auto-restart feature (turns the dehumidifier back on following a power outage) and the connection to the hose (removes the requirement to drain your water tank by hand).

Read also how long does it take for a dehumidifier to work.

How to Choose a Best Small Dehumidifier For Bathroom

Before you go out and purchase a dehumidifier it is essential to take a comprehensive review of some crucial aspects of a dehumidifier that could affect its the performance and use.

Size (Square Feet)

The majority of small dehumidifiers are designed to operate within an area of around 100 square feet (1200 cubic feet) in the size. If your shower area is much larger then we suggest you purchase an even larger model like the Vremi we mentioned above that will be able to handle the larger volume of air. Be aware the fact that your bathroom extractor fan will always assist in dehumidification as well as moisture removal whenever it is operating.

If you reside in a tiny apartment This kind of dehumidifier is perfect for apartment buildings because of their dimensions and mobility.



Bathroom dehumidifiers are less hefty than other kinds of dehumidifiers because your bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in your house.

This is why they’re also more affordable than big models, which are full size. The lower the price is, the less features it has, be aware of this when you decide between price and performance.

As previously mentioned, larger bathrooms and those that are frequently used generally require a larger dehumidifier that has a larger capacity. If you’re looking for humidity control it is also necessary to buy a larger model.


Since dehumidifiers operate throughout the time, it’s important to choose the model which is quiet or emits less noise than the others. The excessive noise can be annoying and distracting, particularly when sleeping or working. Consider the noise output of a dehumidifier prior to purchasing one.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is the amount of power that the dehumidifier requires to operate. When you find that the power consumption of the dehumidifier is excessive it could have negative effects on your bill. Find an energy-efficient dehumidifier to allow you to make use of it with ease without worrying about bills that are rising. You can also use the calculator below for a quick check of the effectiveness of your dehumidifier.

Water Reservoir Capacity

Each one of these appliances is designed to capture as well as store water they draw from the atmosphere. The quantity of water that is able to be stored before the reservoir needs to be empty will be contingent on the dimensions of the device.

If the bathroom in your home is especially humid and is brimming with condensation, we recommend buying a bathroom that has more water tank to avoid having to empty it during the day.

Moisture Capacity

This refers to the amount of water that a dehumidifier is able to absorb over the course of a single day. If you have dehumidifiers equipped with tanks, you must also take into consideration your tank’s capacity since small tanks could result in overflowing quite often.

People Also Ask

It’s possible that we haven’t answered all your questions. If we’ve left any out you, here’s a list of frequently asked questions on bathroom dehumidifiers.

What Setting Should I Put on a Dehumidifier in a Bathroom?

The range of 35% to 50% are termed relative humidity. Bathrooms generally have levels of more than 60% because of the steam of the shower or bath. Make sure you set it at 50% or a little lower to reduce the effect of the rising temperature.

Where Should a Portable Dehumidifier be Placed in a Bathroom?

It is recommended to keep the dehumidifier to the other side of the shower or bath because the proximity of the source of steam can harm it. In addition, it should be elevated from the floor to achieve the greatest impact, which is why you should choose an island or counter.

Why Put a Dehumidifier in the Bathroom?

A relaxing shower or bath can cause excess moisture in the air quality which isn’t good If you’re already in an area that has high humidity. This could cause extreme dampness, which can lead to the growth of mold and illness. Dehumidifiers can help in preventing these problems and help keep humidity levels within a normal range.

Does a Dehumidifier Aid in the Removal of the growth of mold?

Yes, absolutely. In removing the moisture that is in the atmosphere, you’re decreasing the mold-causing factors. The bathroom mold colony thrives when they’re in damp environments, so you’re in effect destroying their environment.

Is it Safe to Put a Dehumidifier in a Bathroom?

If you adhere to the safety guidelines and follow the safety guidelines, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Keep the device clear of the sun or windows which could cause bacteria to multiply within the tanks. Make sure you take them out when they’re filled Otherwise, you might see a tiny amount of water inside your bathroom.

Do Dehumidifiers Help With Smells?

Because these devices stop or eliminate mold growth and spores, you will not have to deal with the unpleasant smell associated with it. In addition, dehumidifiers equipped with filters also eliminate persistent smells in the bathroom.

If there is a need to also clean the air in the bathroom, then for this there is the best combo of a dehumidifier and an air purifier.

What is the recommended frequency to drain of the water tank in my Dehumidifier?

Every dehumidifier has various sizes of tanks, which determines the number of times you’ll need for emptying it. It is also based on the quantity of water present in the air, or the amount of people who use bathrooms for showers and baths. Fortunately, many dehumidifiers have an auto-shutoff function or LED light that comes off as soon as the tank becomes fully filled and allows you to be aware of when you need to empty the water.

What To Do If A Bathroom Doesn’t Have A Fan Or Windows?

Hot baths or steaming showers can swiftly increase a bathroom’s humidity level, which can lead to condensation problems. Here are some ways to dehumidify the humidity of a small bathroom that doesn’t have windows or a window.

  • Find the portable dehumidifier as it is the most effective method to eliminate moisture from bathrooms with windows.
  • Install an bathroom extractor fan or heater to assist with humid air circulation.
  • The shower curtain should be left open and the door open, so that the stagnant air will dry more quickly.
  • Baking soda, charcoal desiccant, baking soda, and indoor plants are all helpful in reducing dampness but the effect isn’t too significant.
  • Utilize a dry, clean cloth to clean water droplets off of condensation.
  • Make sure the bathroom is clean and clutter-free in order to prevent mold, moisture and bacteria from accumulating.
  • You can increase the temperature in your home by raising the thermostat.
  • Try a shorter, cooler shower instead.

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